2017 Resolutions + January Check-In

We’re already midway through January and it has already flown by like a whirlwind, don’t you think?

At least for me, it has. I worked all winter break, pulling five 12 hour shifts in a row for one of those weeks. While working, I also had a late start to Christmas gift shopping so on my days off, I ran around town like a mad woman coming home with multiple bags of goodies stuffed in my trunk. Then on top of the holiday rush, I organized my school stuff to prepare for the spring semester.

You could say I didn’t have much of a winter break. BUT, I’m not complaining too much because during those hectic couple of weeks, I found out creative ways to invest in my health and to make sure I didn’t have a meltdown from the rush and the stress of trying to check off my immense to-do list.

I picked up a few new books to help me de-stress my mind before sleep. I made new salad recipes that were great for detoxing before and after the holiday feasts. I found a new Starbucks drink I really like and now it’s my go-to cup o’ joe in the morning while I’m headed to work (Café Misto for Marissa!). I learned and practiced new vinyasa flows and was surprised to see some great progress I’ve achieved since I started yoga back in October. I got to catch up with one of my dearest friends who came home from Australia for his break and I also reconnected with another friend over our mutual love for yoga. My honey and I got creative with our dates (grilled cheese donuts FTW). And I decided to make a New Year Resolutions list that I wanted to share with hopes that a year from now, I can look back at this and be motivated by what I have accomplished by then.

In my opinion, people overthink New Year resolution lists. I’ve already seen so many blogs and articles and comments undermining and hating on the concept of setting daily/monthly/yearly goals. You know what I say to all of that? PISH POSH Negative Nancy! Studies show that when individuals take the time to make goals for their selves, there is a greater sense of accountability they hold that motivates them to TRY.

That’s also my theme for this year. Since a few years ago, I usually like to give one word, a simple yet bold word, to motivate the energy for this year. And for 2017, it’s TRY. So this year, my main goal is to TRY. Try to do all my resolutions and then some.

My resolutions list is basic, but personal to me. I want to try to take more trips, try to make more meals at home, try to get into a nursing program by the end of the year, try to be more emotionally healthier and to not take things so personally, try to make exercise a greater priority in my life, try to communicate better with others, try to go to church more, try to read more, try to budget more wisely, and try to do all of these things throughout the next twelve months.

How boring would life be if we never tried? Even if we fail while trying, we still accomplish so much within ourselves by taking the initiative to try. We still grow when step out of the box of “what I think I know” and surprise ourselves by uncovering hidden talents and crafts within us when we make the decision to TRY.

Make your list of resolutions, proudly and boldly, but also commit to TRY them. Instead of just making a list of new habits every year, make it a habit to TRY this year.

Share with me your resolutions for 2017. I’ll cheer you on every step of the way.


Happy New Year and xo,



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